Music for Life classes are fun, unique, intergenerational children’s classes combining music and movement to enhance brain development through the incorporation of motor, social and cognitive skills.

Music for Life builds self-esteem, confidence and fosters loving, secure parent/child relationships. Each class provides the highest quality of music… every time, everywhere.

Tamar Frieden

Tamar Frieden, the creator of Toddlers’ Tango—an interactive music and movement program for children— has now developed “Seniors’ Samba.” This is the first interactive music program for seniors using instruments and props.
Tamar’s Seniors Samba program uses a wide range of music, including songs from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Residents enjoy familiar selections from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.
Music, as simple as it sounds, has many mental and physical benefits. The joy it brings to seniors is unmistakable in their expressions as they participate side by side singing, moving and playing instruments.

Feel the Movement!

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