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Music And Movement classes are about feeling safe and having fun!  You don’t need to read music, sing in tune, or dance the samba.  Just bring your energy, your gentle understanding of children and seniors, and you will boogie!  Find joy, laughter, fun, and special moments in your classes!

Originally designed as an in-community experience, our program has now evolved into a fully immersive experience for residents.  We want you to help us bring it everywhere it’s needed!

Join Our Team!

Our unique program was created by Tamar Frieden, a dance therapist whose goal was to develop an interactive parent/child class based on medical research proving that combining music and movement will greatly enhance a young child’s development cognitively, physically and emotionally. A child’s success in these areas builds self-esteem and confidence, vocabulary, body awareness and sensory processing.

Because our classes are based in this key developmental theory, parents rush at the chance to get involved and give their child a head start in these important areas.

For our instructors, we provides:

  • Success at financial independence, a flexible schedule, and the ability to work with, or close to, your own children.
  • The flexibility to start, stop and continue classes to meet your needs and schedule.
  • The ability to change territories without repurchasing licensing rights.
  • Unique instruments from around the world, and high quality materials and websites that attract clients.
  • Continued training to ensure on-going support and success of your program.
  • Quality company resources to support and expand your program, such as listing class information on our web site, instructor discussion boards, and full access to our expansive digital music library.

For information email [email protected] or call (315) 480-3975

Military Spouses

Military spouses particularly benefit from these opportunities. Music for Life allows you to change duty stations and take your job with you, with no penalties or relicensing fees, and continued marketing support to start up your new program. Additionally, you have the opportunity to make royalties on the programs you establish after you PCS (assuming the program continues with a replacement instructor). The niche, family friendly environment of military bases provides an endless client base eager for quality, affordable programs close to home.

Why Is This Successful?

  • Provides programming for the often-overlooked toddler and preschool age group.
  • Provides one activity that families can participate in, even with children in multiple age groups.
  • Provides a language-rich environment, stimulating brain development with music and movement. This enhances speech, motor skill and social development.
  • Brings an element of the arts to programs that may focus only on gross motor or academic development.
  • Is an affordable, family-friendly activity close to home that creates lasting relationships with other parents and children.

For information email [email protected]  or call (315) 480-3975

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